Journey to Oneness

March 4th - March 25th, 2018


This is a four-week study designed for dating, engaged or married couples.

The Journey to Oneness shows how relationships transition from individualism towards interdependence and a shared identity. Couples will discover that intimacy and commitment increase as they progress from one stage to the next. Premarital couples will find that the Journey to Oneness empowers them to establish healthy boundaries that promote mutuality in friendships and validation of each others values. Dating couples are responsible to encourage each others pursuit of their dreams and goals. Couples in the friendship/ dating stage are not a “we” but two friends who are learning to have each others best interest in mind. Married couples will be revisiting or reinvesting in one or more of the stages of the Journey to Oneness that are underdeveloped in order to cultivate the characteristics of friendship or shared values in their relationship.

Easter Service Hand Mime

April 1st, 2018

Sign up if you would like to participate in the Easter Sunday Hand Mime presentation.